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Title: it's a matter of trust
Pairing: Boone/Charlie
Rating: NC17
Words: 1850
Spoilers: ff, AU so nothing.
Warnings: vampire AU of the whacky kind.
Summary: It’s just, the whole biting thing means getting into a completely different territory, and it also means acknowledging the whole thing with Boone’s fangs that they have sort of skillfully managed not to deal with that much until now.
A/N: originally written for toestastegood at the five acts exchange; the prompts were AU and marks. Set in the same 'verse as let the right one in, so reading that before would be advisable. Using for lostpicksix #35, fetish.
Title: he said I was his friend
Pairing: Desmond/Sayid (plus alt!Sayid/Shannon and Desmond/Penny)
Rating: R-ish
Word Count: 2500 ca
Spoilers: up until the finale, said ep. included.
Warnings: I don't think it deems warning.
Summary: what really happened at the well when Sayid didn't shoot Desmond.
Disclaimer: Lost is not mine. This would have definitely happened.
A/N: originally written for zelda_zee  at the lostsquee luau, who wanted Sayid and/or friendships. Also using for prompt #7, friends first.

Title: the dice roll so deceptively
Pairing: Desmond/Kate/Sayid
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 1837
Spoilers: up until the finale.
Warnings: well, it's a threesome and sex happens..?
Summary: alt!AU where Desmond finds a way to spice up his time in jail with both Sayid and Kate.
Disclaimer: Lost is not mine. This would have probably happened...
A/N: originally written for aurilly and j_corrosion at the lostsquee luau. Using for prompt #7, threesome.
The Flesh Is Weak
Desmond/Sayid; S4 spoilers. 613 words, NC17; not mine.
Sayid probably doesn’t even know, but the way his hands are sure and practiced as he picks the broken engine part up and breaks it in pieces and observes it, the way they’re dirty with grease but still functional is making things to Desmond’s stomach.
A/N: originally written for the lostsquee fic battle, for the prompt gear; using for lostpicksix #36, quickie.
Because the flesh is weak, the old saying recites, and it’s generally true.

I Gazed A Gazeless Stare
Desmond/Sayid; 6x12 spoilers. 1372 words, NC17, warning for light bondage and breath-play; not mine.
“Brother, I just was tryin’ to get a reaction out of you. Seems like I did it, aye?”
A/N: originally written for wandersfound for the Five Acts meme (prompts: breathplay, hurt/comfort/kissing); using for lostpicksix #3, kink. Title from Nirvana/David Bowie.
Desmond’s eyes open up and stare right back into Sayid’s and if he’s surprised at having been tied against the tree, he doesn’t show it.

We'll Meet On Edges, Soon
alt!Desmond/alt!Sayid; 6x13 spoilers. 814 words, light R; not mine.
“Aren’t you afraid that someone will catch you, eventually?”; “I reckon that one day they will, but by then my job will be done.” Desmond shrugs, and Sayid doesn’t ask what the job is. He’s sure he won’t get an answer anyway.
A/N: originally written for aboutbunnies for the Five Acts meme (prompts: fugitives, kissing); using for lostpicksix #12, motel.
At times, Desmond disappears and Sayid stays at the motel.


You Look At Me Now And Don't Think I Don't Know
Jack/Boone; S3 finale spoilers. 295 words, PG13, warning for drug use and Nirvana!Jack; not mine.
“You can’t do this to yourself,” Boone keeps on, a hand on Jack’s wrist squeezing it lightly and it’d feel just so good, so warm, so alive if only Jack’s fingers weren’t brushing against Boone’s own wrist. There’s no pulse. He can’t even have a proper delusion, these days.
A/N: originally written for the lostsquee fic battle for the with the prompt pills; using for lostpicksix #15, intoxicated. Title from Steve Earle.
“You should quit them,” Boone says softly, sitting on the edge of Jack’s battered mattress.

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we can hear the first beat to the flatline

Title: we can hear the first beat to the flatline
Author: Phelipa
Pairing: Charlotte/Juliet
Rating: R
Warnings: Suicide
Written for lostpicksix prompt: Femslash

you were dead like the leaves, now you're new as the spring time
Title: Nothing on the Inside
Pairing: Charlie/Desmond
Word Count: 2930
Rating: R/NC-17
A/N: Written with the "toys" prompt, but taking a weird 'Dollhouse' take on it. This is a fusion with Dollhouse, using the concept of programmable people but not the characters of the show (and playing around with what the Dollhouse technology can actually do).Desmond is rather morally grey here.
Summary: His life has been going downhill since leaving the island. When Desmond hears of an organisation that may be able to reunite him with Charlie for one day, he can't resist temptation.

Nothing on the Inside
Title: Just a Ghost in this House
Prompt: #27, betrayal for lostpicksix and forgiveness/finding from bluelittlegirl for my alphabet meme
Pairing/Characters: Kate, Claire, Aaron (hints of Kate/Claire)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 273
Spoilers: through 5.09, "Namaste"
Disclaimer: Lost belongs to ABC. I'm not making any profit and no copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Kate dreams of Claire.

Just a Ghost in this House
Title: Your Ex-Lover Is Dead
Rating: R
Pairing: Desmond/Sayid (implied Desmond/Penny)
Words: 1694
Summary: Sayid still looks at him, his stare meaning nothing and everything; Desmond doesn’t know what he should do, maybe say strange to see you again, maybe let him go, but he doesn’t want to.
Spoilers: goes AU from 5x06, 316.
Disclaimer: no, not mine. Yeah, really.
A/N: for tellshannon815 who wanted wish for the alphabet meme and lostpicksix, chance encounter. I do realize that if this happened then everything that happened in S5 would be fucked up, but that's exactly why, frankly, I don't give a damn. Title stolen from Stars.

(What Desmond still feels as he makes his way back to the docks, is rage. )
Title: What If It Was True?
Rating: PG-something
Pairing: Jack/Boone
Words: 2802
Summary: He takes all the information in, breathes out, shakes his head and says that at least he’s alive. His throat hurts as he speaks, but Jack nods and Boone can’t help thinking he seems relieved.
Spoilers: AU from Do No Harm.
Disclaimer: pff, not mine. See what happens.
A/N: For gwape who asked healing on the infamous alphabet meme, lostfichallenge #93: your favorite character and lostpicksix #31, pillow talk.

( As he comes to his senses, everything hurts. )

Sun Ray; Shining Light (Richard/Helen)

Title: Sun Ray; Shining Light
Characters: Richard, Helen, “Helen”
Disclaimer: Lost is not mine. Seriously? Seriously.
Rating: R
Words: 3600
Spoilers: Up to Cabin Fever
Summary: Richard leaves the island to pay one last visit to Locke, only to find him on a walkabout. So he turns to someone else to gain insight on John. For the lostpicksix prompt "unrequited".

Long ago Richard had decided that being alone was better than being left.