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Lost Pick Six
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1. Pick a character or a pairing.
2. Write six stories based on topics from the table below to complete your claim.
3. Or, go for the Jackpot and fill in the entire table!

Multiple claims will be allowed -- the more fic, the better!
No deadline to complete your table.
The challenge was created to encourage slash, but het is welcome too.
Any rating you're comfortable with will work (for most prompts).
Banners for the winners who complete their claims.

001.First Time 002.Kissing 003.Kink 004.Blow Job 005.Masturbation 006.Toys
007.Friends First 008.Threesome 009.Crush 010.Lust 011.Unrequited 012.Motel
013.Chance Encounter 014.Voyeur 015.Intoxicated 016.Love Letters 017.Hurt/Comfort 018.Cybersex
019.Holding Hands 020.Noncon 021.Blind Date 022.Domestic Bliss 023.Music 024.Dancing
025.Passion 026.Confession 027.Betrayal 028.Jealousy 029.Lies 030.Infidelity
031.Pillow Talk 032.Insomnia 033.Casual 034.Femslash 035.Fetish 036.Quickie